Is Tesla Coming to Israel? Elon Musk Appears in Jerusalem Bar 'Burning Absinthe'

Though sources say talks were held with Israeli officials in the past on bringing Tesla to Israel, Musk's visit is unknown and comes for a hard time for his firm

Is Tesla coming to Israel? Elon Musk spotted in Jerusalem bar 'burning absinthe'

Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind the ambitious SpaceX and Tesla projects, is currently visiting Israel.

The reason for Musk's visit is currently unknown, but according to a Sunday post on his Instagram account, the billionaire-engineer is, "Learning how to pour flaming absinthe over a tower of glasses in a Jerusalem speakeasy.

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"Everything’s better with fire " he ominously ended his post, which came with a video in which he literally pours flaming absinthe from one glass to another.

According to sources from the electric auto-industry, senior officials in Israel's Transportation Ministry held talks in recent months with Musk on the possibility of bringing the automatic Tesla cars to Israel. However,  they say talks ended without results. The Transportation Ministry did not respond to requests for a comment on the matter.

Is Tesla coming to Israel? Elon Musk spotted in Jerusalem bar 'burning absinthe'

Tesla, his electric-car company, has no official office in Israel, although it did have a partnership with the Israeli auto-tech company Mobileye that ended in acrimony in 2016 over who was responsible for accidents involving self-driving cars. Late that year, SpaceX was responsible for a rocket carrying Israel's Amos 6 satellite exploding on its launchpad.

Musk's visit comes at a time when Tesla is suffering an exodus of managers who claim that many of the components being manufactured at the company's California plant are defective. Tesla stock has dropped more than 10% in the past week.