Is It the End of Crocodile Shoes and Ostrich Steaks in Israel?

Israel Nature and Parks Authority decides not to renew regulation allowing commercial ostrich, crocodile farming; Amendments comes into force in 2012.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority decided on Monday not to renew the regulation that allows crocodile and ostrich farming for commercial purposes.

According to the decision, the regulation will expire next year. After that, it will no longer be possible to commercially farm ostriches, although crocodile farming will still be allowed temporarily, as will their transfer to countries where it will be possible to use their skin for leather products such as bags and shoes.

Fatzael crocodile ranch - Gil Eliyahu - 12092011
Gil Eliyahu

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Slaughtering them in Israel, however, will no longer be allowed.

Ostriches - Doram Gaunt
Doram Gaunt

It is expected that additional limits will be placed on commercial use of crocodiles, and that eventually crocodile farming in Israel will be completely outlawed. 

These decisions do not affect zoos or other sites holding crocodiles for non-commercial purposes, such as Hamat Gader Crocodile Farm in the Galilee in northern Israel.

Any decisions regarding crocodile farming in Israel are subject to the approval of Environment Minister Gilad Erdan. He is expected to approve this latest decision.

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