Iranian Official: Iran Will Turn 'Tel Aviv and Haifa Into Dust' if Attacked

A senior member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard says if Israel wants to survive, it needs to stop 'child's play' in Syria following airstrike on an Iranian base attributed to Israel

Ali Shirazi, an aide to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, speaks under a picture of  the supreme leader in Tehran in this November 29, 2005 file photo. Iran will hit Tel Aviv, U.S. shipping in the Gulf and American interests around the world if it is attacked over its disputed nuclear activities, Ali Shirazi was quoted as saying on July 8, 2008. "The first bullet fired by America at Iran will be followed by Iran burning down its vital interests around the globe," the students news agency ISNA quoted Ali Shirazi as saying in a speech to Revolutionary Guards.      REUTERS/FARS NEWS/Alireza Baradaran/File     (IRAN)
עלי שיראזי מראשי משמרות המהפכה באיראן

A senior member of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard threatened Israel Thursday, saying that if it wanted to remain intact it has to stop threatening Syria.

The official, a senior Iranian cleric named Ali Shirazi, gave an interview to the Hezbollah-affiliated television channel Al-Mayadeen, commenting on the possibility that Israel might launch an attack in Syria. The option, the report noted, was raised as a mounting threat in Israeli media in recent days.

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"Iran is not Syria. If Israel wants to survive for several more days, it needs to stop this children's play. Iran has the ability to obliterate Israel and when prompted to, [it will be moved] to turn Tel Aviv and Haifa into dust."

On Tuesday Iran issued a direct threat against the Jewish state following an aerial strike attributed to Israel by foreign media, which saw at least seven Iranian advisers killed in a Syrian military base in the beginning of the week.

Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior aide to Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei, told Al-Mayadeen at the time that "Israel's crime will not remain unanswered." Syria and Russia also accused Israel of conducting that attack and the Russian foreign ministry summoned Israel's envoy to Moscow for a reprimand.

The Israeli security establishment is taking the Iranian threats very seriously, with the military maintaining a high level of alertness at Israel's northern border due to the concern that Iran or Hezbollah might carry out a revenge attack. Another concern is the possibility that the U.S. might attack the Assad regime in reaction to last week's chemical attack in Douma.

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The attack, which Iran, Syria and Russia have also blamed Israel of executing, targeted an air force compound named T4 near the Syrian city of Homs. According to international media, it hit a variety of aerial abilities that Tehran has begun bolstering across Syria.   

According to Arab media, among those killed in the attack on the site was a Revolutionary Guards officer ranked colonel who was in charge of the drone array. It appears that officers and ammunitions that could have limited Israel's maneuvering abilities both took a hit in the strike on the base.