Iran Military Head: 'Zionists' Are Behind Norway Terror Attacks

Hassan Firouzabad accuses Israel of 'fueling rightist sentiments, fostering terrorism, using world people as their toys in pursuit of objectives'.

The head of the Iranian military on Saturday accused "the Zionists" of being behind the terrorist attacks in Norway, the Iranian state-owned English-language broadcaster Press TV reported on Saturday.

The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of Iran's armed forces, Hassan Firouzabadi, said in a statement that "the Zionists are behind the terrorist attacks in Norway, as they fuel rightist sentiments, foster terrorism and use world people as their toys in pursuit of their objectives."

Norway massacre - AP - 23.7.11

Firouzabadi was referring to the double attack in Norway last week, in which at least 76 people were killed, many of them youth.

Anders Behring Breivik, an extreme rightist, has claimed responsibility for both attacks, a shooting spree at a Labor Party youth camp on Utoeya island where he allegedly killed 68, and a bombing of Oslo's government district, where he allegedly killed 8.
Breivik claims to have acted alone.

"The world should be on alert of the Zionist regime attempts to create deviation within Christianity and spread Christian Zionism," the general added in the statement carried by Press TV.

Iranian officials frequently accuse Israel, whom they often refer to as "the Zionists", of being behind any incident with an anti-Islamic connection.