Iran Is a Threat, but Occupation Is Also Israel's Enemy: Listen to Haaretz Publisher Amos Schocken

Haaretz is celebrating 100 years and our publisher popped into the podcast studio for a wide-ranging discussion. LISTEN FREE

A man reading Haaretz while floating in the Dead Sea in 1980.
Moshe Milner / Government Press Office

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Haaretz Weekly Ep. 31Haaretz

As Haaretz celebrates the 100th anniversary of its first edition, which was published on June 18, 1919, publisher Amos Schocken joins host Simon Spungin to discuss the newspaper's successes and failures, the state of Israel today and what he considers the main threats to the future of the Jewish state.

We also discuss the place of media outlets in modern democracies, the key role that Israel's Arab citizens must play in running and defining the country, and the positive message that can be taken from racist attitudes.