Infiltrator Dead Following Shooting Incident on Israel-Egypt Border

Army pursues infiltrators, likely smugglers, into Israel; 3 runners wounded in addition to one casualty.

A shooting incident erupted along Israel's border with Egypt on Thursday, as military forces fired at unidentified individuals who had attempted to cross over into Israel.

An Israel Defense Forces squad initially spotted three people crossing over the border, and proceeded to fire at them when they did not respond to the soldiers' orders to halt.

IDF vehicle on Israel-Egypt border - Moti Milrod
Moti Milrod

Shots were subsequently fired from the Egyptian side of the border, ostensibly targeting the infiltrators, as Israeli soldiers proceeded to pursue the men in Israeli territory.

The three, likely smugglers, were eventually caught by IDF soldiers and all found to be wounded; one critically, one seriously, and the third lightly.

Soldiers also found the body of a fourth infiltrator near the men's point of entry.

Last month, the IDF Spokesman's Office said soldiers thwarted an attempted terror attack along the border with Egypt after locating a powerful explosive device.

The IDF said in a statement that soldiers identified a man who smuggled a bag across the border and then fled the scene.

IDF forces carried out a search on the subsequent morning, finding the bag, which contained a powerful explosive device, the IDF Spokesperson said.

The device was then detonated by a bomb disposal squad.

The IDF Spokesperson added, "This incident is a reminder that the smuggling routes on the western border are continuously used by terror organizations in order to carry out terror acts against Israeli citizens and IDF forces."