In New Site, Evacuated Residents of West Bank Outpost Will Pay Only NIS 11 per Square Meter

Israel will subsidize rent for residents leaving Migron; evacuation expected no sooner than Tuesday.

The state will subsidize rental costs for the mobile homes it will be providing to residents of the unauthorized West Bank outpost of Migron in their new temporary camp nearby. The renters will pay just NIS 11 per square meter per month, less than half of other rental housing in the area.

The state built the camp over the past four and a half months. The cabinet decided that the state would pay for all the infrastructure in the camp, as well as the 50 mobile homes themselves and other expenses.

The cabinet had previously decided the settlers would pay market rents for the homes, which are owned by the state.

The World Zionist Organization's Settlement Division said in response: "The price was set by a committee of the Housing and Construction Ministry. It was decided that the price in this area will be subsidized, NIS 11 per square meter."

The Housing and Construction Ministry said in a response that no directives concerning rents have been given and no contracts have been signed.

The police are prepared to evacuate Migron, though this is not expected to take place before tomorrow.

The leaders of Migron were informed of this on Sunday. The day passed quietly at the outpost, which the High Court of Justice ordered evacuated by the end of the month because it was built on privately owned Palestinian land.

The police officers tasked to take part in the evacuation have been informed of their responsibilities. The senior command of the police had been operating under the assumption until Sunday that the order to carry out the evacuation would come tomorrow if residents did not agree to leave voluntarily by then.

The cost of the temporary housing is NIS 33 million, or NIS 60,000 per family spent by the state. Now they will also be paying subsidized rents.

The NIS 11 per square meter rent per month is much lower than at nearby settlements, even though the new housing is located in an excellent location, only 10 minutes from Jerusalem and on the main road. Rents at nearby locations are NIS 25 per square meter at Kochav Yaakov, to which Migron is administratively attached, and NIS 27 at Adam and NIS 28 at Ofra.