In First, Gender-neutral Bathroom Opened at Tel Aviv University

Initiative meant to create a safe space for those who feel uncomfortable in bathrooms for men or women, School of Social Work says.

The sign on the new bathroom.
From the Social Work School's Facebook page.

The School of Social Work at Tel Aviv University has designated a bathroom for all genders on its premises, a first-of-its-kind initiative at institutions of higher learning in Israel.

“In an attempt to create a safe space for people who are uncomfortable in bathrooms for men or women, and based on recommendations by a committee for gender fairness at the school, we’ve decided to designate one stall for all genders, for the benefit of students and staff,” the school said on its website.

“Separate facilities for men and women could constitute a threat to many people, including those whose gender identity is not dichotomous..."

Prof. Idit Weiss-Gall, the school’s director, told Haaretz that the current decision is but one of many regarding gender issues, including allocation of space for people accompanying women with babies, or designating a place for nursing mothers.