Netanyahu's Former Speech Writer: If PM Indicted, Right Should 'Crush Judicial and Media Junta'

Netanyahu reportedly recommended Erez Tadmor's book to Likud lawmakers, which ridicules right-wing leaders for not doing enough to weaken Israel's Supreme Court

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a Knesset cabinet meting on August 8, 2017.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a Knesset cabinet meting on August 8, 2017.Credit: Emil Salman

Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech-writer during the last Israeli elections, Erez Tadmor, wrote on Monday that if the investigations against Netanyahu lead to an indictment against the prime minister, the Israeli right-wing should "crush the judicial and media junta" in Israel and also "fire everyone who took part in this persecution."

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Netanyahu reportedly endorsed a recent book by Tadmor, in which the right-wing activist mocks and ridicules other leaders of the Israeli right-wing for not doing enough to weaken Israel's Supreme Court. 

Tadmor wrote in his post, with regards to Netanyahu's corruption investigations, that "If this putsch will succeed, if the violent and anti-democratic forces in the Justice Ministry and the police investigations unit will manage to oust a successful prime minister who has the public's trust over minor issues, then the next right wing government will have the duty and the legitimacy to make a total sweep in the halls of power, to crush the judicial and media junta that casts fear on anyone who dares to doubt its' hegemony."

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What does Tadmor offer to do? "Fire everyone who took part in this persecution, shut down the Israeli broadcast authority and army radio, open the media market to full competition, decide that the attorney general's orders are only recommendations and are not binding, change the composition of the committee to appoint judges, legislate a true NGO bill that would stop all kinds of foreign political subversion, and make deep cuts to all funding to the cultural junta. And this is just a partial list." 

His post created a controversy on social media. Oren Nahari, a veteran Israeli foreign affairs analyst now writing for the Walla News website, compared it to past speeches by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Other critics mentioned the fact that the two people leading the investigations against Netanyahu - Israel's attorney general and chief of police - were both appointed by Netanyahu's current coalition, and both belong to Israel's national-religious sector, which is considered to be affiliated with the right-wing. 

Tadmor was an adviser to Netanyahu in the last Israeli election and according to an interview he gave earlier this year, spent "14 to 16 hours a day" with Netanyahu during the last week of the election. His latest book which came out in Hebrew last year, is titled "Why You Vote for the Right-Wing but get the Left." In the book, he criticizes past leaders of the Israeli right-wing, including the late Prime Ministers Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, for failing to confront Israel's judicial system and free press. He also characterizes Benny Begin, the son of Likud's first Prime Minister and a current member of Knesset for the party, as "stupid and cowardly right-wing." 

In June of this year, Israel's public broadcast radio reported that Netanyahu endorsed Tadmor's book and recommended it to Likud members of Knesset, telling them "if you read this book you will understand things about my current term in office." Tadmor is one of the founders of the right-wing movement "Im Tirzu." During his military service, Tadmor was sentenced to 45 days in prison and 4 months suspension for allegedly taking weapons and military equipment to his home without authorization. 

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