IDF Thwarts Attempted West Bank Shooting Attack

Five Palestinians arrested with makeshift handguns, firebombs after IDF patrol noticed suspicious figures near Nablus.

An Israeli army unit thwarted an attempted shooting attack in the West Bank on Sunday, arresting five armed Palestinians.

Ofen Hagai / Archive

An Israel Defense Forces reserves unit was patrolling near the West Bank city of Nablus when it noticed burning tires on the road, and figures hiding by the wayside.

The soldiers then flanked the suspicious figures, catching them off guard, confiscating two improvised handguns and several fire bombs.

According to a preliminary investigation conducted by the IDF, the Palestinians, who had all been transferred to Shin Bet questioning, had intended to ambush the passing patrol and attack it using the fire arms.

Last Wednesday, IDF soldiers fired at a group of Palestinians attempting to infiltrate the West Bank settlement of Barkan, killing one of them. The casualty was apparently armed, the IDF spokesperson's office said.

Another Palestinian was arrested and taken into IDF custody for questioning. Soldiers are currently scanning the area for further suspects, and both the army and Palestinian officials are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

The Palestinians apparently penetrated the settlement for criminal and not terror-related purposes, the IDF said.