IDF Strikes Gaza Target Following Barrage of Rockets Into Israel

IDF confirms direct hit; 13 rockets explode in southern Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces struck a terrorist target in the Gaza Strip early Saturday morning, following a barrage of rockets that exploded in southern Israel the previous day..

Following the strike, the IDF confirmed a direct hit.


On Friday, 13 rockets exploded in southern Israel, including one that was shot down by the Iron Dome missile defense system near Ashdod. No injuries were reported.

The barrage of rockets followed Israel Air Force strikes in Gaza overnight Thursday, which left one dead and 12 wounded.

Violence across the Israeli-Gaza border escalated on Thursday with IAF air strikes killing at least two people and Palestinian militants firing rockets deep into southern Israel on Friday. Following that, Palestinian medical officials said an Israeli air strike hit a Hamas training camp in Gaza City, sending shrapnel flying into nearby houses. One civilian was killed and 13 others wounded, mostly women and children.

The IDF said two men were killed earlier Thursday when an IAF air strike targeted a car on a crowded Gaza street had been planning an attack on Israeli civilians and soldiers along Israel's border with Egypt's Sinai peninsula. "(They) were affiliated with a terrorist squad that intended to attack Israeli civilians and soldiers via the western border," an army statement said.