IDF Strikes Gaza Strip; Thwarts Attempt to Launch Rocket at Israel

Palestinians report one casualty; Israel Defense Forces report direct hit on militants preparing to launch rocket.

Israel Defense Forces aircraft struck targets in the southern Gaza Strip on Saturday evening, thwarting an attempt by Islamic Jihad to launch a rocket into Israel. According to Palestinian sources, the strike killed one man.

Saturday's strike came after a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip into the Ashkelon Regional Council on Friday night, in which no one was wounded.


The IDF reported a direct hit in Saturday's airstrike, on a terrorist cell that was in the final stages of preparing to shoot a missile into Israel using a high-trajectory weapon.

Palestinian sources said one man had been killed in the strike, east of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza. The sources also said Israeli aircraft shot three missiles into agricultural area within the Gaza Strip.

Saturday's air strike was the third such incident since the escalation of rocket fire last week. On Thursday, Palestinian militants fired at Israeli security forces doing routine work on the border fence near the area of Kibbutz Zikim in the northern Gaza Strip. The IDF retaliated by firing at the source of the shooting, killing two.

The IDF estimates that the Islamic Jihad is not interested in another escalation, despite continued attempts to fire rockets into Israel.

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