IDF Strikes Gaza Smuggling Tunnels Amid Mounting Tensions

In statement, IDF says it would 'not suffer' the continued launching of rockets and mortars on communities around the Gaza Strip.

Israel Defense Forces aircraft bombed smuggling tunnels near the Gaza Strip's border with Egypt late Wednesday, with another strike targeting a reported "terror" tunnel in the Strip's north.

The strike came a day after Palestinian medics and witnesses said two Palestinian civilians including a pregnant woman were wounded when Israeli warplanes carried out air strikes on northern Gaza Strip.

Israeli missile strike, AP, Dec. 27, 2008.

Medics said that the two civilians suffered shrapnel wounds from missiles fired by Israeli F-16s.

An Israel Defense Forces spokesman said the strike came after Palestinian militants fired three homemade projectiles toward southern Israel.

In the strike coming later Wednesday, IDF aircraft reportedly bombed three smuggling tunnels in the Strip's south, hitting a "terror tunnel" in the north.

An IDF statement said that it would "not suffer the continued fire on communities around the Gaza Strip," adding that the Israeli army would "continue to act forcefully against any attempt to hurt Israeli citizens."