Israeli soldiers fired toward several gunmen approaching Israel's border with Syria in the Golan Heights, the Israeli army said late on Sunday. No Israeli forces were wounded and it is unclear whether the gunmen were hit.

According to the army, the gunmen crossed the Alpha Line, demarcating the demilitarized zone between Israel and Syria set up in 1974 as part of a UN-brokered armistice agreement.

The gunmen approached the Israeli border, but did not cross it. The army is working to assess whether the gunmen intended on crossing into Israel or fire toward it, or whether they had not noticed they were approaching the border. 

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In August, seven Islamic State group terrorists were killed in an Israeli attack in the Syrian Golan Heights. The terrorists came as close as 200 meters from the Israel-Syria border when Israeli troops launched an attack against them, the Israeli army said. 

The group was fleeing fighting against the Assad regime, the army noted, adding that it found five firearms and belts containing explosive devices. The military said it has been following the cell in question for a while and that it is on high alert and ready to protect residents of northern Israel.