IDF Soldier Says He Was Victim of Attempted Kidnap Near Jerusalem

Soldier claims he was attacked by three Arabs in petrol station near Givat Ze'ev; IDF warns of rise in kidnap attempts.

An Israel Defense Forces soldier claimed Monday that three Arabs allegedly attempted to kidnap him from a petrol station near Jerusalem.

The IDF soldier, who claimed that he was attacked by three Arabs carrying a knife, is currently being questioned by the armed forces.

Israel Defence Forces at a crime scene AP

Pplice and security forces are searching the area around Givat Ze'ev, north of Jerusalem in search of the suspected assailants.

Over the past few weeks, IDF Central Command has been warning of a rise in attempts to capture Israeli soldiers, both due to Hamas' efforts to regain regional prominence after a downturn in attempted terror attacks in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as the Palestinians' disappointment over the lack of progress in peace talks with Israel.

Meanwhile, the police and the Shin Bet security service are still investigating whether the murder of Kristine Luken (originally identified as Christine Logan), an American tourist who was found dead near Jerusalem on Saturday night, was had nationalistic motivations.

Luken's friend, 46-year-old Kaye Susan Wilson, was hospitalized after she managed to escape her attackers despite multiple stab wounds and her hands tied behind her back.

Wilson, an immigrant from the United Kingdom who now resides in a Jerusalem-area community, told paramedics and police officers that she and Logan were assaulted by two Arab men while hiking at Khirbet Hanut, an archaeological site near Beit Shemesh.