IDF Soldier Killed After Patrol Car Overturns Near Syria Border

Army jeep flips over during routine activity in Golan Heights; three soldiers injured in the accident, one seriously.

One soldier was killed on Friday and three injured when an Israeli Defense Forces patrol jeep overturned in the Golan Heights on Friday, on the Syrian border. Three others were wounded, one of them seriously.

The IDF Spokesman's Office informed that rescue forces had arrived on the scene and that the accident is being investigated.

According to preliminary reports the soldier, corporal Dor Jan, was trapped under the overturned jeep, with fire fighters later attempting to extract him. After several attempts to resuscitate Jan, his death was ultimately announced.

One of the wounded soldiers suffered head and chest injuries and was evacuated by a helicopter to the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.

A moderately wounded soldier was also evacuated to Haifa, suffering of a chest injury. A third soldier, lightly injured, was evacuated by an ambulance to the Poriya Medical Center in Tiberius.

The turning over of a vehicle is considered a high safety concern in the IDF. In 2011, 117 IDF vehicles flipped over, over a third while operational activities. In an attempt to address this high number of accidents, the army, with the help of a civilian company, began holding workshops instructing its drivers on how to avoid extreme situations that could result in an accident.