Israeli Army Publishes Video of Hezbollah Men on Lebanon-Israel Border

IDF distributes videos showing Hezbollah using agriculture NGO to collect intelligence against Israel, in violation of UN resolution

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Israeli army publishes video of Hezbollah men on Lebanon-Israel border
Israeli army publishes video of Hezbollah men on Lebanon-Israel borderCredit: IDF

The Israel Defense Forces distributed two videos Tuesday the army says documents Hezbollah activity near the Lebanese border. According to the IDF spokesman’s office, the activity contravenes a ban on the presence of Hezbollah fighters in that area as part of a UN resolution.

The first film shows outposts known to be affiliated with the Lebanese NGO Green Without Borders, and claims that the organization, ostensibly established to promote agriculture, is working to collect intelligence against Israel by means of Hezbollah fighters stationed at the organization’s lookout posts.

The second film shows pictures of more than 30 Hezbollah activists that the army says are patrolling in southern near the border with Israel. The IDF says it knows the individuals caught on film are Hezbollah by means of a Facebook page belonging to two Lebanese men.

Israeli army publishes video of Hezbollah men on Lebanon-Israel border

The films come ahead of a meeting to be held in the UN Security Council on Thursday on the subject of UN Resolution 1701 that ended the Second Lebanon War in August 2006. Last month, the IDF showed the Security Council what it said was documented evidence that Hezbollah lookouts were using Green Without Borders as a cover. Israeli army military intelligence chief, Herzl Halevi, criticized the UNIFIL peacekeeping force, saying that despite the important work they have done in Lebanon did, it claims it “doesn’t find Hezbollah basing itself in southern Lebanon.” Halevi called on UNIFIL not to bury its head in the sand and noted that Hezbollah is a stone’s throw from the border, under the guise of an environmental NGO.

Meanwhile, the chief of the IDF Northern Command, Maj. Gen. Yoel Strick, said at a ceremony installing the new commander of the Galilee Division that Iran is “trying to penetrate Lebanon and Syria and establish extensive terror infrastructure” and that “Hezbollah is methodically breaching UN Resolution 1701, and in utter opposition to it, maintains a military presence there even if it is hidden in dozens of Shi’ite villages south of the Litani” river.