IDF Kills Explosive-laden Palestinian Youth at Checkpoint

Soldiers shoot down the young man running towards them, in the second incident in the last week at the same Jordan Valley army checkpoint.

A Palestinian youth was shot dead by IDF soldiers at the Beka'ot military checkpoint in the northern Jordan Valley near Nablus on Saturday.

Initial reports of the incident relay that the Palestinian held an object in his hand and shouted "Allahu Akbar," or 'God is great' in Arabic. Shortly thereafter, the IDF Spokesperson reported that the object found in the young man's hand was a pipe bomb.

checkpoint - Emil Salman - November 10 2010
Emil Salman

A Palestinian taxi arrived at the checkpoint, and a young man stepped out of the taxi and began to sprint at the IDF soldiers monitoring the checkpoint, screaming as he ran.

An IDF source in the area at the time of the incident said that the soldiers operated according to proper procedure, first shouting at the youth, and then finally shooting at him, wounding him fatally. Medical teams treated the youth, but were unable to revive him.

As the bullets of the IDF soldiers struck the youth, the object he was carrying fell from his hand, appearing to be a pipe bomb. An examination of the young man's body revealed another pipe bomb, as well as a knife.

IDF soldiers shot and killed Mohammed Dragma, 20, from the northern West Bank town of Tubas near Nablus, on Sunday at the very same checkpoint in the Jordan Valley.

As Dragma was walking towards the soldiers, some of them apparently thought that he was carrying a knife on him. The object in his hand turned out to be a glass bottle.