IDF Issues Urgent Terror Warning Along Israel-Egypt Border

Israeli defense officials believe Hamas planning terror attack on Israel in attempt to distract from Abbas' UN bid.

The Israel Defense Forces has significantly boosted its presence along Israel's border with Egypt due to urgent warnings that Hamas was planning on carrying out a terror attack in Israel, through the Sinai Peninsula.

The new warning comes on top of several other previous warnings that Islamic Jihad plans and other smaller Gaza factions plan on carrying out terror attacks on Israel's southern border.

IDF vehicle on Israel-Egypt border - Moti Milrod
Moti Milrod

Israeli defense officials believe the planned terror attack may be an attempt to distract public attention from the happenings at the United Nations General Assembly, which improved Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' public standing on the Palestinian street.

Meanwhile, the IDF has expressed satisfaction with the coordination with the Palestinian Authority, who prevented major clashes between security forces and Palestinian citizens who were protesting on Friday.

Earlier on Friday, a Palestinian man was killed during clashes with IDF forces in the West Bank city of Qusra. The IDF said they are investigating the incident.

Also, violence broke out in and around the East Jerusalem area on Friday when Palestinian youths hurled rocks at security forces in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amud.

A group of Palestinians wearing masks threw rocks at Israeli police officers and border guards Friday in East Jerusalem. Police officers gave chase as the rock-throwers fled the scene, apprehending one of them and taking him in for questioning.