IDF Investigating Violent Hazing Acts Among Kfir Brigade Soldiers

Soldier hospitalized in stable condition after argument over seniority privileges for soldiers led to violence.

A combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces’ Kfir Brigade was hospitalized after reportedly being beaten by other soldiers in his unit.

The solider was rushed to the clinic at the Kfir Brigade’s basic training base in the Jordan Valley on Thursday, then to Haemek Hospital in Afula. He is in stable condition after suffering blows to the stomach.

Eight soldiers suspected of perpetrating the violence were suspended from their positions as combat soldiers and the military police has commenced an investigation.

Apparently, behind the violence is an argument over seniority, and tensions between "greener" soldiers and longer-serving ones who have requested preferred treatment and conditions of services.

Last March, a similar ordeal was uncovered in the IDF’s Givaty Brigade, in which senior soldiers were accused of violently hazing greener soldiers. In the end, a plea bargain was reached, and most of the soldiers involved confessed to beating other soldiers with wooden sticks.

“As the event became known, it was quickly handled by the Brigade Commander, Colonel Udi Ben Mucha," the IDF Spokesperson’s unit commented. "The military police investigation unit is looking into the circumstances surrounding the event. The investigation’s conclusions will be sent to the Military Advocate General for consideration.”