IDF Home Front Command Holds Drill at 5:05 P.M. Local Time in Sharon Region

A siren will sound for one and a half minutes, simulating a missile attack.

The Israel Defense Forces Home Front Command sounded a siren at 5:05 P.M. local time on Wednesday in the Sharon area, as part of a drill simulating a missile attack.

The siren sounded for one and a half minutes in Netanya, Ra'anana, Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Kfar Qasem, Taibeh, Tira, Kalanswa, Emek Hefer Regional Council, Lev Hasharon, Hof Hasharon, Even Yehuda, Jaljuliua, and more. The full list of towns can be found on the Home Front Command's website.

As a result of the large amount of cities participating in the drill, it is possible that sirens were also be heard in Rosh Ha'ayin, Petah Tikva, Herzliya, Ramat Hasharon and even Haifa.

Mobile phones equipped with the "cell broadcast" feature will receive text messages and beepers will receive special warnings.  The warning will also be broadcast on local radio stations.

The drill itself simulates a missile attack in Ra'anana's "Lev Hapark" neighborhood, where residents practiced evacuating to the Shaked school in town. The drill was conducted in cooperation with the local municipality, Magen David Adom, Israel Police and the Health and Welfare Ministries.

Directly following the siren, HOT channel 717 broadcast an hour-long special message, as would be the case in a real emergency. At the end of the broadcast, the Home Front Command practiced evacuating the residents.

During the drill, the Home Front Command also examined the distribution of gas masks during emergencies. On Wednesday, three distribution centers for gas masks opened to the public in Rehovot, Ramle and Lod.  

The IDF Spokesperson specified that "the drill is planned as part of the 2013 training schedule and is designated to maintain the local authorities' fitness and readiness."