IDF: Eviction Order for Contentious Hebron House Officially in Effect

Settlers were given until 3 P.M. on Tuesday to leave the house; government debating proper response to the structure's capture; Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz: Settlers should be allowed to stay.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hold a special meeting on Tuesday to discuss the eviction order for settlers who invaded a Hebron home.

On Monday, the Israel Defense Forces issued an eviction order for the settlers, according to which they had until Tuesday at 3:00 PM to evacuate the house on their own will, after which "the authorities will act to restore the building to its previous state."

The meeting will be attended by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon, Minister without Portfolio Benny Begin representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Civil Administration.

Ofen Hagai / Archive

On Tuesday, a top Israel minister said that Jewish settlers should be allowed to stay, adding that similar actions, as long as they are done through the proper legal channels, should be encouraged.

The comments, made by Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz came amid a debate within Israel's leadership as to the way in which the state should respond to Sunday's takeover.

Hebron’s mayor Khaled Osaily told Israel’s Army Radio that it can be easily proven that the house’s bill of sale was fake. “It’s all fake,” Osaily said, “The person who sold the house to the settlers is not the owner…I am sure of this.”

Osaily further commented on the controversy surrounding the settlement expansion in the city. “Another house will bring peace? This will bring closeness between people? On the contrary, this will only create problems.”