IDF Armor Defense System Triggered Near Israel-Gaza Border

Shots were also fired into Israel during IDF arrest of smugglers Wednesday morning; IDF investigating whether tank was attacked near Gaza border.

Israel's armor defense system, Me'il Ruach, was triggered near the Gaza border on Wednesday. The IDF is examining whether an anti-tank missile launch had activated the system.

IDF soldiers near the border with Egypt identified shots fired into Israel Wednesday morning during the arrest of suspects who tried to infiltrate the border.

The IDF reported that none of the soldiers were wounded.

Israeli soldiers stationed near the Egyptian frontier identified three men crossing the border into Israel. The soldiers intercepted the infiltrates, when shots fired from Egypt to Israel were identified. The force returned fire.

The incident is currently being investigated by the IDF. Initial estimates claim that the force was caught in an exchange of fire between smugglers and Egyptian police. An Egyptian policeman is apparently injured.

In recent weeks, a number of similar incidents took place in that area. Last week, shots were fired at a bus of soldiers travelling on the Egypt-Israel border road.

This is the second time the new system, Me'il Ruach (Windbraker), is triggered in an operational mission.