IAF Training Exercises Stopped After Helicopter Hits Electric Cable

Black Hawk helicopter slightly damaged, no one was injured; IAF chief halts all training exercises to refresh safety regulation information.

An Israel Air Force helicopter flew Monday into an electric cable during a routine training flight in the Golan Heights. The Black Hawk aircraft was slightly damaged and no one on board was injured.

An IAF helicopter
Tal Cohen

Following the incident, IAF commander Major General Ido Nehushtan decided to cancel all IAF training exercises for the day, and even cancelled a general IAF training exercise scheduled for the upcoming week.

The Maj. Gen. ordered a military commission to probe the dangerous incident, and instructed that all IAF pilots and air force teams refresh their knowledge of safety regulations.

Following a deadly helicopter crash in Romania in January, in which six Israeli pilots and one Romanian were killed during a joint military exercise, Nehushtan said the IAF was one of the top air forces in the world in terms of flight safety.

Nehushtan said current IAF statistics show that 1.5 accidents occur for every 100,000 hours of flight. He added that the air force has also broadened the scope of its training in recent years and that its pilots fly increasingly complex routes during their exercises.