IAF Jet Fighter Forced Into Emergency Landing Following Bird Interference

F-15 lands safely in Tel Nof base after bird was apparently sucked in by engine intake; heavy plane traffic and main bird-migration routes have caused similar accidents in the past.

An Israel Air Force F-15 jet fighter was forced to make an emergency landing in an on Thursday. No one was hurt in the incident.

According to a preliminary investigation, the jet was forced to land in the Tel Nof IAF base after its engine's intake sucked in a bird in flight.

F-15 - Alon Ron
Alon Ron

A combination of intense IAF activity with the fact that Israel is located on a main bird-migration route has caused several aerial accidents in the past, some of them fatal.

In recent years the IAF has conducted extensive work alongside conservation groups in order to map bird-migration routes in order to prevent such accidents from taking place.

Despite such efforts, IDF officials have claimed in the past that such collisions are bound to happen, and that fighter-jet pilots are trained to deal with bird interference.