Hundreds of Doctors Resign as Israel's Medical Crisis Grows

400 residents walk out of their jobs, 200 senior doctors tender resignations; Doctors present petition to High Court over Israel Medical Association, state August agreement.

The crisis in Israel's medical services escalated on Wednesday, as dozens more residents resigned on Wednesday, and dozens of additional senior doctors handed in letters of resignation in solidarity.

Around 400 residents reportedly resigned on Wednesday, while at least 200 senior doctors handed in the letters.

TAu students protest medical - moti milrod - November 16 2011
Moti Milrod

In solidarity, sixty fifth-year medical students from Tel Aviv University demonstrated outside Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, residents, senior doctors and medical students presented a petition to the High Court against the agreement over pay and conditions signed by the government and the Israel Medical Association in August this year, and the nine-year duration of the agreement, which “puts the doctors in a position where they have no choice.”

The petition is the third of its kind to be presented by doctors to the High Court.

Earlier Wednesday, Rambam Medical Center staff shut down the hospital in protest at Health Ministry instructions to immediately fire ten of the 31 senior doctors who had tendered letters of resignation.

קראו כתבה זו בעברית: הרופאים שוב עתרו לבג"ץ; יותר מ-200 מומחים התפטרו