How to Keep Your Hebrew Kosher

You probably know that ochel kasher is 'kosher food.' But did you know that kasher also means 'fit,' 'valid,' 'reliable'?

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Credit: Daniel Tchetchik

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You probably know that ochel kasher is "kosher food." But did you know that kasher also means "fit," "valid," "reliable"? And what does the verb lehakhshir mean, and how is it all related to talent? Host Guy Sharett explains all.

Words and expressions discussed:

Kasher – Kosher, fit, valid, reliable – כשר

Mashehu po lo kasher – Something is a bit dodgy here – משהו פה לא כשר

Kashrut – Kosherness – כשרות

Teudat kashrut – Kosher(ness) certificate – תעודת כשרות

Mashgiach kashrut – Kosher(ness) inspector – משגיח כשרות

Kosher – Fitness, ability, capability – כושר

Madrichat kosher – Fitness instructor – מדריכת כושר

Chadar/Machon kosher – Fitness center – חדר/מכון כושר

Kosher bituy – Articulation – כושר ביטוי

Mishehu im kosher bituy – An articulate person – מישהו עם כושר ביטוי

Kosher gufani – Fitness – כושר גופני

Kosher sichli – Mental ability – כושר שכלי

Kashir – Capable – כשיר

Kashir la-avoda – Fit to work – כשיר לעבודה

Haya li kisharon gadol – I had a big talent – היה לי כישרון גדול

Kishurim – Qualifications – כישורים

Pitu’ach kishurim chevratyim – Developing social skills – פיתוח כישורים חברתיים

Kishurim – Links – קישורים

Lehachshir – To render something kosher, to train, to prepare, to authorize – להכשיר

Lehachshir mivne she-kvar nivna – To “kosherize” a building that has already been built – להכשיר מבנה שכבר נבנה

Hechsher – “Kosherizing,” authorization – הכשר

Hachshara – “Kosherizing” meat; training – הכשרה

Hachshara miktso’it – Vocational training – הכשרה מקצועית

Huchshar – It was kosherized, authorized; he was trained – הוכשר

Ha-basar muchshar be-rega ze – The meat is being kosherized right now – הבשר מוכשר ברגע זה

Anna muchsheret, hamon potentsial – Anna is talented, (she’s got) a lot of potential – אנה מוכשרת, המון פוטנציאל

Muchshar, muchesheret – Talented – מוכשר, מוכשרת

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