How Many Bodyguards Does It Take to Help Netanyahu Go to the Bathroom?

Diners at an upscale restaurant in New York said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to the bathroom was accompanied by no less than 20 bodyguards who created a barricade around him.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the UN General Assembly in New York on September 22, 2016.

Going to the bathroom is apparently a complicated business if you're Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the New York Post, the premier needed an escort of about 20 security men when he had a sudden urge to answer the call of nature in an upscale New York restaurant this week.

Currently in New York for the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly, Netanyahu arrived at the Harry Cipriani restaurant at the Sherry-Netherland hotel with what witnesses said was a 40-man security detail.

"A security detail of 20 came an hour before Bibi arrived, then he turned up with around 20 more agents just after 9 P.M., in a restaurant that seats just over 100 people," according to a witness quoted by the newspaper.

"Other agents were discreetly placed around the restaurant. They had a large security device in a black box,” the witness said.

Harry Cipriani diners who need to take a pit stop have to leave the restaurant through a side door, enter the Sherry-Netherland hotel and use the bathrooms downstairs. According to the witness, Netanyahu was eating dinner with his wife Sara.

Israeli security agents immediately swung into action, watched by fellow diners who included TV journalist Charlie Rose, billionaire Ronald Perelman and fashion icon Iris Apfel.

“Around 20 security guards got up with Bibi and a few went into the bathroom with him," the witness said. "One watched the door and the rest lined up with their arms up to form a human barricade, so nobody could enter the bathroom or even get close.”

Apparently, there was also a massive ring of security around the hotel. “In order to get to the restaurant, you had to walk around the block to a barricaded area, which was manned by security and attack dogs,” the witness said.

“Guests were patted down and had to go through metal detectors. He must be the most protected man in the world right now.”

A restaurant representative declined to comment on the dining experience of their well-protected guest.