Herzog Reprimands Spokesman for Charging Settlers Built Pools 'With Slain Children's Blood'

Ofer Neuman apologizes for his post on Facebook saying he misspoke 'at the heat of the moment' after viewing a controversial new documentary about the settlers.

Jonathan Lis
Jonathan Lis
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Herzog's spokesman Ofer Neuman as pictured on his Facebook page.
Herzog's spokesman Ofer Neuman as pictured on his Facebook page.Credit: Facebook
Jonathan Lis
Jonathan Lis

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog on Sunday condemned a Facebook post published by his spokesman that called settlers "scum" whose swimming pools were built "with slain children's blood."

After watching a recently-released documentary on the settlements, spokesman Ofer Neuman wrote: "This scum that is destroying our future has won without a struggle. Nobody stands up to them. Once it was thought that they were crazy. They were laughed at. And they've accomplished horrors with a lot of strength and determination, this blatant abuse of our chances not to die here. They have violently stolen our hope."

Herzog dissociated himself from the remarks and reprimanded Neuman, while Bayit Hayehudi lawmaker Nissan Slomianski called the spokesman "a psychopath in need of hospitalization," and accused him of uttering "mad incitement."

Herzog denounced Neuman's post as "very brazen and mistaken."

Neuman later published a clarification in which he said: "I wrote something I shouldn't have in the heat of the moment," after seeing the documentary.

"I have a lot of criticism on the settler leadership but the language tone and descriptions were over the top and totally unnecessary." He apologized if he hurt anyone's feelings and added: "we all make mistakes, this was my mistake."