Haredim Attack Interior Minister's Car in Jerusalem

Eli Yishai is rescued from Mea Shearim by special police after extremist Haredim slash his tires and pelt his car with rocks, eggs.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai's car was attacked by extremist Haredim in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem on Monday evening and special police intervened to rescue Yishai from the attackers.

Neither Yishai and nor anyone in his entourage was hurt in the incident.

Yishai was paying a condolence visit to Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, whose daughter passed away. While Yishai was inside the Elyashiv home, extremist Haredim threw eggs and rocks at his parked car and slashed the car's tires. One of Yishai's aides said he was threatened with a knife.

While Yishai was in the home, special police were called to the scene. The police extricated Yishai from the scene in a get-away car.

Elyashiv is the leader of the Lithuanian haredi community.

President Shimon Peres had visited the home earlier in the day without incident.

Also on Monday, dozens of Haredim in Jerusalem created a disturbance in Shabbat Square and blocked traffic in the area. Rioters threw trash cans in the middle of Bar Ilan street.

Jerusalem police were summoned to the scene and dispersed the rioters.

The demonstrators were protesting the detention earlier in the day of 73 Haredi protesters after a demonstration against construction work being done at Andromeda Hill in Jaffa.

The Haredi demonstrators, who also protested at the Jaffa site last week, believe that the area where the construction work is being done was in the past a Jewish cemetery.

Dozens of Haredim have been detained for investigation recently after protests broke out last week against the relocation of human remains in Ashkelon as part of the construction of a new emergency room at Barzilai Hospital.

After Haredim rioted in Shabbat Square on May 16, the Jerusalem municipality cut off services to a number of ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods.