Hamas Reveals 'Failed Israeli Attempt' to Recruit Agent From Group's Ranks

Lebanese TV reports Shin Bet operators directed double-agent to plant GPS devices in missile launchers

A Palestinian Hamas militant adjusts the mask and headband of his comrade during an anti-Israel military show in the southern Gaza Strip November 11, 2019.

Hamas revealed details of what it has dubbed as "Operation Mirage," in which Israeli intelligence thought it was recruiting and operating an agent from the group's military arm between 2016 and 2018, according to a report in Al Mayadeen TV.

The Lebanese station aired recordings of what it said were conversation between the Hamas double-agent and two Shin Bet officers. 

The report revealed details of how Israeli officers allegedly directed the agent in sabotaging the group's military capability, such as sending him GPS devices to be planted in missile launchers in order to later destroy them in a targeted bombing.  

According to the report, the agent had misled his operators for over two years.