Hamas Official: Palestinians Should Fire at Israel From West Bank

Army Radio quotes Mahmoud Zahar as saying that Hamas would never change its policy of 'resistance' against Israel.

Palestinians should initiate rocket attacks on Israel from the West Bank, Israel Radio quoted Hamas strongman Mahmoud Zahar as saying in an interview on Sunday, saying that such as move was necessary.

Mahmoud Zahar - AP

Asked whether rocket fire against Israel should be limited to launches originating in Gaza, Zahar told the East Jerusalem newspaper Al Quds that the fact that "such launches should happen in the West Bank as well [as Gaza] is inevitable."

Zahar criticized the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority for fighting the "resistance," saying that it was not Hamas that took over Gaza, but in fact President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement that had seized the power in the West Bank, aided by the Israeli "occupation."

Abbas, according to Zahar, got "one big zero" out of the international community, adding that Arab states had severed ties with Hamas in order to avoid conflict with the United States and to "save their heads."

The Hamas leader also stressed that Hamas would never change its policy, even if it won the next elections, saying that the solution lies in "resistance."

"If we had been interested in forfeiting our rights, I would have been in Washington by now," Zahar told  Al Quds.