Hamas Leader Says Netanyahu's Indictment 'Raises Morale'

Serious corruption charges against the Israeli prime minister mean more resistance, Ismail Haniyeh tells reporters in Gaza

Ismail Haniyeh speaks to the press after the Friday noon prayer in Gaza City, September 26, 2014.
Khalil Hamra/AP

The leader of the militant Hamas group says the corruption indictment of Israeli prime minister raises the Palestinian people’s morale.

Ismail Haniyeh told reporters in Rafah in southern Gaza Strip on Saturday that serious corruption charges against Benjamin Netanyahu were a sign “of more steadfastness” for the Palestinians.

The leader of the group that controls Gaza also said the indictment means more “resistance, both popular and armed.”

On Thursday, Israel’s Attorney General indicted Netanyahu for fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes, making him the first sitting premier to be charged with a crime.

The longest-serving Israeli leader is scrambling after two inconclusive elections this year and possibly an unprecedented third national vote early next year.

The Islamist Hamas group won the 2006 Palestinian legislative polls, which were the last.