Haaretz Exclusive Video: Israeli Settlers Clash With Police During West Bank Outpost Demolition

Some 200 IDF soldiers, police arrive at outpost near Shilo settlement to dismantle four illegal structures; 11 lightly wounded in fray; three settlers arrested as result of clashes; video inside shows police car ablaze.

Eleven people were lightly wounded overnight Wednesday during confrontations between Border Police and settlers as IDF soldiers dismantled illegal structures in the outpost of Alei Ain near the Shilo settlement in the northern West Bank.

Six border police officers and five settlers were injured as some 200 IDF soldiers and border police officers arrived at the outpost at around 3:00 A.M. to dismantle four illegal structures.

The residents, who were prepared for the evacuation, blocked all roads to the outpost using large rocks and nails.

During the confrontation, settlers hurled a firebomb at the vehicle of the police commander of the settlement of Benyamin.

Police claim the settlers violently resisted the evacuation and hurled rocks at police forces, while settlers claim the army and police forces used stun grenades against them.Three settlers were consequently arrested.

Last week, a group of right-wing activists attempted to erect a new outpost in the E-1 corridor of the West Bank near Ma'aleh Adumim, an area which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had covertly promised the United States that Israel would not build in.