Ground Collision Causes Disruptions on Delta's New York-Tel Aviv Route

A Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400 ran into a tractor at Ben-Gurion Airport on Thursday night; hundreds of passengers delayed due to resulting scheduling changes.

A collision between a Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400 aircraft and a tractor at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Thursday has caused significant disruptions on Delta's New York-Tel Aviv route over the course of the weekend.

Hundreds of passengers supposed to fly on that route were delayed.

A New York-bound Delta flight that was supposed to take off on Thursday night collided on the ground with an Airport Authorities tractor that was in the incorrect location.

The collision damaged the plane's engine.

The flight was rescheduled to takeoff on Friday but ongoing repairs to the aircraft prevented that from occurring.

Because of the incident, a Delta flight supposed to land in Israel on Friday did not depart from New York and a flight scheduled to depart from Tel Aviv to New York on Saturday night has been delayed until Sunday afternoon.

Some of the affected passengers were rebooked onto Thursday night's Delta flight to Atlanta as well as on flights of other airlines.