German Government Denies Influencing Bail of Suspected Mossad Agent

Decision to release Uri Brodsky, extradited from Poland on charges of forging passport used in the assassination of a Hamas chief, was 'purely judicial'.

The German government rejected on Monday any involvement in the decision to grant bail to a suspected Israeli intelligence agent wanted for alleged involvement in the killing of a Hamas leader in Dubai.

A foreign office spokesman said the decision to release Uri Brodski on bail was purely judicial.

The man identified as Uri Brodsky

"That is why the federal government had no influence on the decision and is not commenting on it either," the spokesman said.

Brodsky was extradited from Poland and arrived in Germany on Thursday, where he is being investigated for passport fraud in relation to the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a Hamas commander who was murdered by suspected Israeli agents in January.

He was bailed on Friday for an undisclosed sum, when the Cologne-based prosecutor said that the case against Brodsky was not strong enough to detain him further.

Investigations by the prosecution are to continue while Brodsky is free, but only into the passport fraud allegations and not into espionage charges, as stipulated in the extradition agreement.

The United Arab Emirates expressed concern over the decision to release Brodsky, fearing that he could return to Israel while the case against him was ongoing.

The Mabhouh murder sparked international outrage, as several nations' citizens including Germany, Ireland and France, had their identities stolen by the team that had travelled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to carry out the killing.

Brodsky, so far the only individual arrested in connection with the killing, was arrested at Warsaw airport on June 4, under a European arrest warrant requested by Germany.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was a senior leader of the Hamas militant Islamist movement that currently controls the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

Brodsky is suspected of helping to acquire a German passport, used in the killing operation, from Cologne authorities in early 2009.