Gaza Militants Fire Four Qassam Rockets at Israel

Two Qassams strikes Ashkelon area, one near Sderot and one within the Gaza Strip; tensions on border remain high following IDF raid on Gaza-bound flotilla.

Four Qassam rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel on Thursday evening.

Three rockets landed in open areas in the Western Negev region and one landed inside the Gaza Strip. No injuries or damage were reported.

Of the three rockets that landed in Israeli territory, one struck near Sderot while two hit the Ashkelon area.

Tensions along the Gaza border increased in the past week following the IDF raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in which nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed.

On Tuesday, the IAF attacked a rocket launching crew in northern Gaza, killing three militants. On the same day, IDF killed two militants who had infiltrated into Israeli territory near Kibbutz Nirim.