Gaza Man Names Baby Recep Erdogan in Honor of Turkey PM

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is considered a hero in Gaza for calling on Israel to lift the blockade.

A Gaza man swept up in the pro-Turkey sentiments washing over the seaside strip in the wake of the Gaza flotilla fiasco has named his son Recep Erdogan, after the Turkish prime minister.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is considered a hero in the Gaza for trying to pressure Israel to lift its blockade of the territory. Last week, nine Turkish activists were killed in clashes with Israel Navy commandos who stormed a humanitarian aid ship trying to break the embargo.

Gaza baby Recep Erdogan with his older brother

The Gazan Recep Erdogan was born Saturday in the southern town of Khan Younis, according to the local population registry/

Saleh Abu Shamala said Sunday he decided to name his third child after the Turkish premier because he was the "only leader who called to lift the unfair siege of Gaza."

Israel and Egypt imposed the blockade after the Islamic militant Hamas seized Gaza in 2007.