Gaza-bound 'Tahrir' Crew Warned Ship May Be in Danger

Steering committee of Canadian ship stopped by Greek authorities tells Haaretz received warning that safety at risk, says holds Greek authorities responsible for any harm done to ship.

The steering committee of the "Tahrir", a Canadian ship set to take part in the upcoming Gaza-bound flotilla, told Haaretz early Tuesday that there is reason to believe that further harm will be done to their vessel.

The Canadian ship attempted to depart from the Greek port of Agios Nikolaos on Monday, however it was intercepted the Greek coast guard shortly after departure. No violence was reported during the takeover of the ship.

Canadian ship in Gaza flotilla - Amira Hass
Amira Hass

The Tahrir's steering crew said in a statement to Haaretz that Greek supporters holding a vigil on the pier notified the passengers aboard the ship that their safety may be at risk. The statement added that the crew holds Greek authorities responsible should the ship be sabotaged.

The Canadian vessel is currently without electrical power and has not been authorized to restart its generator that is in working order. The lack of power prevents those on board the Tahrir from using sanitary facilities or refrigeration, and they remain without lighting for security.

On Sunday, the organizers of the Gaza flotilla announced that the flotilla ships anchored in Greek ports are planning to set sail to Gaza on Monday. The decision came despite the Greek's governments ban on any ships to depart from its ports to Gaza.

As a compromise, the Greek government offered on Monday to send the flotilla's humanitarian aid to Gaza with Greek diplomats, under United Nations supervision. Israel has agreed to the offer.