Four Detained at Ben-Gurion Airport After Car Chase

The suspects, freed on Wednesday morning, say they drove into the airport by mistake and fled because they were nervous about having their car searched.

An El Al plane on the tarmac at Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion International Airport.
Daniel Bar-On

Israeli police detained late on Tuesday four suspects who failed to stop for a vehicle security check at the entrance to Ben-Gurion International Airport. They were released on Wednesday morning.

Security guards chased after the vehicle after it broke through the checkpoint on Tuesday, and later its passengers tried to flee after the vehicle drove toward the airport's main Terminal 3.

The suspects, all Israeli citizens, said they had entered the airport area mistakenly and refused to stop for the security check because they were nervous about the idea of their car being searched.

A preliminary inquiry showed the vehicle was not stolen. Police said the circumstances of the incident were still under investigation.