Former Israeli TV Exec Sues Sexual Misconduct Accusers for $583,000

Former Keshet Broadcasting chief Alex Gilady, though having never denied the claims against him, files lawsuit against two journalists including one from Haaretz

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Former Israeli TV executive Alex Gilady in Tel Aviv in 2011.
Former Israeli TV executive Alex Gilady in Tel Aviv in 2011.Credit: David Bachar

Former NBC television executive and Keshet founder Alex Gilady has filed a 2-million-shekel ($583,000) lawsuit against two Israeli journalists who published stories claiming he made inappropriate sexual advances in the 1990s. One of the two is Haaretz columnist Neri Livneh.

The suit was filed even though Gilady did not deny the claims when they were made by Livneh and Channel 10 newscaster Oshrat Kotler last November.

Gilady was forced to resign soon after when further accusations emerged against him, including allegations of rape.

The first reports of sexual misconduct were made by Kotler on Channel 10. She related that Gilady made an inappropriate proposition after inviting her to dinner at a time when she was offered the chance to present a morning program on Keshet. According to Kotler, Gilady asked her: Dont you know how they get ahead in television in Hollywood?

Livneh wrote a column in Haaretz under the headline Gilady exposed himself to me and told me to speak to his sex organ.

In her column she described a meeting at Giladys house, at his invitation. She claimed that she thought he was going to offer her a job in television, but instead he came down the stairs wearing a bathrobe, which he opened in front of her.

When these allegations were made public Gilady issued no denial. In response to Livnehs allegations he told the media that her words are correct on the whole, but what adults do in their lives, in the privacy of their homes as part of their personal relations, is their private business.

Regarding Kotlers allegations Gilady said that in 1994 Keshet had no morning program, nor in 1995 I didnt hold an audition for her and I dont remember speaking with her, as she says. In any case there was no intention to hurt anyone and if my behavior caused distress Im sorry from the bottom of my heart.

Despite these responses Gilady now claims that these slanderous words were untrue. This is vicious slander, wild and baseless. Gilady claims that Kotler and Livneh consciously or unconsciously joined forces to turn the plaintiffs life upside down, causing him great harm, some of it irreparable.

He claims that the published allegations against him were shocking and included groundless slander, presenting me as a serial sex offender, a liar and a negative person. The suit also claims that the defendants did this in order to join the MeToo bandwagon for their personal benefit.

Gilady wrote that following these besmirching words he was compelled to provide explanations to high-level figures in Israel and abroad; these publications greatly shamed me.

Gilady had to resign as president of Keshet Broadcasting with all the financial and other implications this entailed and his life has changed since these publications says the lawsuit.

Gilady is suing the two journalists, not Channel 10 or Haaretz.

At the same time, he has threatened to sue those news outlets as well, for reporting allegations of rape against him.

Channel 10 and Kotler responded by saying that we havent received the suit yet, but we obviously stand behind our words.

Livneh stated that I stand behind every word I said on this matter – Gilady confirmed the facts himself.