Former AG Mazuz Included in Final List of Israel Supreme Court Nominees

Judicial Selection Committee due to meet Jan. 6 to determine future justices; updated list also includes Israeli Arab George Kara, who presided over the Katsav rape trial.

Former Attorney General Menachem Mazuz has been named as a possible candidate to the Supreme Court, a final list of nominees indicated on Thursday.

Next week, the nominees will be announced officially, at which point the public would have 30 days to appeal. The Judicial Selection Committee is due to convene on January 6 to select the new Supreme Court justices.

Menachem Mazuz - Moti Kimche - 13.10.2011
Moti Kimche

Aside from Mazuz, the updated and final list of nominees also includes a few last-minute entries, such as Haifa District Court judge Yael Vilner and Be'er Sheba District judge Revital Katz-Yaffe.

Another interesting name introduced into the listing is Tel Aviv District Court judge George Kara, who presided over the rape trial of former President Moshe Katsav.

Kara, a Christian Israeli Arab and Jaffa resident, is one of the more prominent names on to make a late appearance on the list and a valued judge. He was appointed to the magistrate's court in 1989 and to the district court in 2000. Kara is considered to be a diligent and strict judge, who is familiar with the cases which he deals with to the smallest detail.

Other names on the final list of nominees include Jerusalem District Court judge Orit Efal-Gabai; Tel Aviv District Court judges Yitzhak Inbar and Anat Baron; and attorney Eyal Rozovsky.

An academician who made it on the list were Prof Boaz Sanjero, a criminal law expert from Sapir College, who is considered one of the leading figures in an academic struggle against false guilty verdicts.

These new names join those were known to be nominees for the prestigious position, which include judges Yosef Elron, Baruch Azulay, Avraham Avraham, Yitzhak Cohrn, Benyamin Arnon, Uri Shoham, and Michal Agmon-Gonen.

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