Forest Fire Rages in Jerusalem Hills, Emergency Work to Contain Blaze

Fire erupts just weeks after two fires 300 dunams of natural woodland in the area, with police suspecting arson as the cause for the conflagration.

For the second time several weeks, a forest fire raged in thee Jerusalem hills on Sunday, with emergency crews struggling to contain the blaze.

The fire is currently located between Ein Hemed and Ein Nekova. Four people have been lightly wounded thus far from smoke inhalation, with on fireman injured after falling from a ladder.

Thirty-two fire trucks, mostly from Jerusalem and Beit Shemsh, arrived at the scene, and have been able to contain, not take control of the blaze.

Late last month, two fires erupted at two main entrance points to Jerusalem, consuming 300 dunams of natural woodland, with four people treated for smoke inhalation. Arson was suspected in the blazes.

The first broke out among the ruins of Lifta at the capital city's north and spread to the Arazim Valley near the suburb of Mevasseret Zion.