Foreign Ministry Expands Strike, Halts Defense Exports From Israel

In bid to increase salaries for ministry employees, Foreign Ministry stops providing security and trade assistance to Israeli companies abroad.

The Foreign Ministry employees committee has decided to broaden its strike as part of its effort to receive salary increases for ministry employees, and announced on Monday that all Israeli embassies will stop providing security and trade assistance to Israeli companies abroad, thus halting all defense related exports.

"We must cease all projects being treated and not start any treatment of new projects," a cable sent to the Israeli diplomats said.

Eli Hershkowitz contianer
Eli Hershkowitz

The cable added that the Foreign Ministry has yet to show signs of willingness to return to negotiations to find a solution for the crisis.

Israeli ambassadors abroad were instructed earlier this week to cut off all contact with foreign ministries, prime minister's offices and president's offices in the countries in which they serve, until further notice.

The new steps will also affect the office of deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon. Foreign Ministry employees have been instructed to cut off cooperation with Ayalon's office and not to provide him with any services.