Foreign Min. Enlists Anglos for PR Battle

The Foreign Ministry is increasing its efforts to recruit Anglos for its battle against boycott movements, anti-Semitism and delegitimization of Israel. Over 50 activists from Israel's English-speaking pro-Israel advocacy community gathered in Jerusalem Tuesday for what ministry officials say was the first of many conferences in which the activists and the ministry will exchange ideas and strategies.

"We are confronting sophisticated enemies who are working in various ways to besmirch Israel's name using the Internet, NGOs, varied technologies and other means," said Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, who spearheads the ministry's new engagement with Anglo opinion makers at the beginning of the one-day conference on Israel's upcoming diplomacy challenges. "Therefore we must set up an opposing network of government ministries, NGOs, economic organizations [and] public diplomacy activists, who will work together in the media, the networks and academia