For Third Day in a Row, Israelis Living in Golan Heights Report More Spillover From Syria

Israeli army says only a few bullets crossed Golan border from Syria after two days of cross border fire which saw Israel respond with attacks in Syria

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FILE PHOTO: Israeli soldier searches site of Israeli Golan after errant fire from Syria
FILE PHOTO: Israeli soldier searches site of Israeli Golan after errant fire from Syria Credit: Gil Eliahu

Israelis living on the Golan Heights reported Monday hearing explosions caused by errant fire into Israel from the war raging across the border in Syria. The Israeli army said only a few bullets crossed the border in the third day of spillover from the conflict into Israel.

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After Israelis reported hearing explosions, the Israel Defense Forces searched the area and found that a few bullets originating in Syria had hit the local UN peacekeeping force's base in the northern Golan, causing a small brush fire. No projectiles were found.

The Lebanese Al-Mehdin channel, which is close to the Damascus regime, reported that Israel attacked a position of the Syrian army in the Kuneitra area and that there were killed and wounded.

Israel attacked a Syrian army unit in the northern Golan Heights on Sunday after errant fire from the Syrian side spilled over into Israeli territory, the second cross-border flare-up in two days.

The Israeli army struck a Syrian army ammunition truck and two artillery guns in the Syrian Golan, the army confirmed after Syrian and Lebanese news outlets reported the attack.

The army also instructed civilians to steer clear of open areas in the Israeli side, opposite the Syrian town of Quneitra, where rebels and Syrian army troops are fighting.

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After the Israeli attack on Sunday, the Syrian army issued a statement condemning Israeli "aggression in support of terror groups." Syria also warned Israel against "repeating this sort of conduct." 

Earlier on Sunday, the Israel Defense Forces said that several projectiles from Syria hit open areas in the northern Golan Heights. No one was wounded and no damage was caused.  

In a similar chain of events on Saturday, Israel attacked Syrian army positions in the northern Golan Heights in response to errant fire. Two people were reportedly killed in Quneitra in the attack, Syrian media reported.

The Syrian army claimed that the Israeli airstrikes coincided with an attack by Islamist militants on the same positions.

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