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Flash Mob to Descend on Jerusalem to Dance For Kindness

Plus, 100 Thousand Poets for Change meet in Tel Aviv (some of them, anyway) and the wide-ranging Jewish influence on Broadway

Steve Klein
Steven Klein
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Orly Wahba at the 2018 Dance For Kindness in Jerusalem.
Orly Wahba at the 2018 Dance For Kindness in Jerusalem.Credit: Aviad Tevel Studios
Steve Klein
Steven Klein

AN ACT OF KINDNESS: Observing that there is not enough kindness in the world inspired speaker, educator and entrepreneur Orly Wahba to found Life Vest Inside. Its mission, she says, is to “empower people to recognize their own value.” Next Friday, her group will host Dance For Kindness — a coordinated flash mob spanning more than 50 countries — in Jerusalem’s First Station. Wahba, a Brooklyn native who moved to Israel last year, told Haaretz that this year is Israel’s second time to take part, noting that one school participated in 2018 but 25 will join next week. “When students see a video of themselves on the screen and see people of other backgrounds from countries that they never had the ability to connect with do the exact same motions, that brings happiness, it brings a tremendous shift, and they feel a part of something bigger than themselves,” she added. There will also be a kindness fair and concert. For more info, call 050-886-0255.

A SCENE OF CHANGE: The 100 Thousand Poets for Change movement (or 100TPC) has announced it will be hosting its annual poetry reading next Saturday (November 9) at Tel Aviv’s Little Prince Bookshop. The night will feature poets performing in four languages and with many different ideas about what change can be and how it is created. The readers will feature Ronny Someck and Payam Feili from Iran, with Karen Alkalay-Gut and Gili Haimovich hosting. “Payam Feili’s first book was banned in Iran in 2005 when [he was] only 19,” said Alkalay-Gut. “Since then, his works have been published abroad and in 2016 Feili came to Israel and applied for asylum.” Someck has published 11 volumes of poetry and two children’s books, and his works have been translated into 41 languages. Other poets set to perform include Giora Fisher, Lali Tsipi Michaeli, Jeries Khoury and Lonnie Monka. For more info, email gut22@tauex.tau.ac.il or giliha@gmail.com

THE GREAT WHITE (JEWISH) WAY: Jewish creatives have had a hand in numerous Broadway shows (to say the least), so it should come as no surprise that many Jewish themes can be found within these stories. Writer and teacher David Benkof shares his own insights in a five-part lecture series starting next Wednesday at the Jerusalem AACI. “‘Broadway through Jewish Eyes’ explores important Broadway shows through the lens of Jewish texts and cultural products,” according to St. Louis native Benkof. “How do the themes of ‘Chicago’ show up in Philip Roth novels, medieval Jewish philosophy, Woody Allen films, Pirkei Avot and ‘Seinfeld’ episodes?” He added he will consider “the themes of shows like ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ (marriage and intermarriage) and ‘Cabaret’ (anti-Semitism) by comparing show clips with a broad variety of texts from the Jewish tradition.” For more info, call the AACI at 02-566-1181.

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