Five Israeli Arabs Arrested for Allegedly Planning Terror Attacks

Suspects, residents of the village of Daburiya, have been linked with the Salafi movement in Islam and face charges over plot to abduct IDF soldier and border guard, in addition to other terror attacks.

Five Israeli Arabs from the village of Daburiya in northern Israel were recently arrested for allegedly plotting a series of terror attacks, it emerged Thursday, after a gag order was lifted on the case.

The suspects were arrested in a joint operation carried out by the Shin Bet security service and the Northern District's Central Unit of Israel Police. They face charges for allegedly planning to harm an Israel Defense Forces soldier and a border guard living in Daburiya, and are also suspected of plotting attacks against a police station in the village, and other undisclosed targets.

Israeli Arabs terror suspects

The men were detained in the alleged plotting stages, before they were able to acquire weapons.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says they claim to belong to an Islamic holy war group called Salfiya Jihadiya - an obscure, fundamentalist group.

Rosenfeld says the suspects had identified potential targets and tried to find work in Israeli government offices and strategic facilities from where they were to carry out their attacks.

Rosenfeld says the five were arrested in September and will be indicted later on Thursday.

Israel's defense system has recently seen an increase of Salafi influence on radical elements in the region. Those responsible for the murder of the Nazareth taxi driver Yafim Weinstein were also identified with the Salafi ideology.