Fire Erupts in North Israel, Damaging Cars and Banana Groves

Firefighters contain blaze within hours; two additional fires take place near Kinneret, both of which successfully extinguished.

Four cars erupted in flames on Saturday near the Church of Capernaum on the northern shore of Lake Kinneret causing significant damage to adjacent banana groves.

The fire began Saturday afternoon in a brush-field near Route 87. The blaze spread quickly to a parking lot near the church, with four cars catching fire and others damaged. The fire then moved on to a banana grove, causing serious destruction.

Fire north Israel - Gil Eliyahu
Gil Eliyahu

Three firefighting teams arrived from Tiberius, successfully containing the fire and extinguishing it after several hours.

Two other fires took place near the Kinneret on Saturday, both of which were successfully put out by firefighting services.

The fires come a day after firefighters extinguished a massive fire in the Golan Friday. The blaze broke out in the Ein Tina Nature Reserve the day before, ravaging the north Israel area and destroying 10,000 dunam of land and vegetation.

Six people in including a pregnant woman were lightly injured in the fire, all suffering from smoke inhalation. The pregnant woman was in her eighth month, and was rushed to the delivery room after she went into labor due to the shock of the trauma. A couple and their two children, ages three and eight, were admitted for mild scratches they attained while escaping the fire.