Finance Minister Kahlon to Resign From Knesset, Keep Cabinet Position

Kahlon is vacating his Knesset seat for another member of his Kulanu party.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon outside the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Nov. 22, 2015.
Emil Salman

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon announced on Thursday that he intends to resign from the Knesset to make room for another MK from his Kulanu party. But Kahlon will still retain his ministerial job.

Kahlon is thereby making use of a recently passed law that allows one minister from every party to resign from the Knesset in favor of the next person on the party’s ticket while retaining his cabinet portfolio. He had announced shortly after the government was formed that he intended to step down from the Knesset, but only after the 2016 budget was passed – which happened last month.

Kahlon’s replacement in the Knesset will be former MK Akram Hasson, a Druze who helped Kulanu with its campaign in the Druze community. The party ended up winning a relatively high share of the Druze vote.

Hasson, 56, served as an MK for the now-defunct Kadima party for less than a year. He has also served as president of Carmel College, chairman of the Druze Research Institute, mayor of Daliat al-Carmel and deputy chairman of the Union of Local Authorities.